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Coronavirus Resource Guide 

Dementia Friendly Community Links




Alzheimer’s Association COVID-19 web page

Alzheimer’s Disease International released a video presentation on the continuity of care for people living with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic withProfessor Huali Wang, Executive Vice President of Alzheimer’s Disease Chinese. In the presentation, Professor Wang explains how China has addressed the specific challenges of people living with dementia and shares her perspective based on local experiences.

Being Patient hosted a virtual conversation with Dr. James Ellison, a geriatric and adult psychiatrist at Christiana Care in Delaware,on people with dementia during the coronavirus pandemic and how to best prepare to support their needs.

CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults

CDC COVID-19: What Older Adults Need to Know(video)

US Administration for Community Living – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Alzheimer’s Association – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Questions From Families Facing Alzheimer’s During the Pandemic: What Your Family Needs to Know

HOW: Providing Support with Virtual Opportunities

House of Welcome (HOW) Adult Day Services isnow offering weekly virtual gatherings of its Alzheimer's Family Support Group and Memory Cafe! 


Alzheimer's Family Support Group: Thursdays 2:30 - 4 p.m.

This group provides a positive environment for family caregivers of people living with dementia to share their feelings, problem solve, build on strengths and share resources. 

Memory Cafe: Fridays 1 - 2 p.m.

An opportunity for people living with dementia and their care partners to have fun and connect with others in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. 

For more information on either program, email or call 847.242.6250. 

City of Evanston and Council On Aging Memory Café Weekly Emails

March 27 Memory Café Email

It's more important now than ever that we take care of ourselves. Lifelong Learning at North Shore Senior Center would like to share some easy exercise videos that you can do at home. These exercise routines are developed by the 
National Institute on Agingas part of their Go4Life programand the Silver Sneakers program. To view the video, simply click on the name of the class below.


20-Minute Exercise Routine by Go4Life

6 Upper Body Strength Exercises by Go4Life

7 Strength, Balance, and Flexibility Exercises for Older Adults by Go4LIfe

60-Minute Exercise Routine by Go4Life

7-Minute Yoga Routine for Older Adults by Silver Sneakers

10-Minute Total Body Cardio by Silver Sneakers


Exercise your brain at home:

Escape to comforting reading: These arebooks recommendedby some of the world’s best authors.

Online Links to some puzzles, mandalas to color and games to try:

Beautiful Questions 1

Beautiful Questions 2

Mandala 1

Mandala 2

Searching for April 1

Searching for April 2

April 3 Memory Café Email

This week we are sharing

A game that comes with a photo and questions about what is happening in the photo. Together with your family, you answer the questions and create a story about the photo. The resulting stories can be funny and unexpected.

Leaping Lady PDF


MUSIC  is the natural equalizer among us and so we are sharing a YouTube playlist of some classic tunes from the 40's up to now which we hope you will enjoy.

YouTube Playlist link


Here is a link  to web cams for watching all different ANIMALS from around the world. A favorite one is from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium showing peaceful movements of the jellyfish, but there are plenty to check out.


We are also including another MANDALA for those of you with an artistic bent. Always fun to put on some good music, pull out those colored pencils or markers, have a cup of tea, and draw to your heart's content!

Mandala 3 Link 

April 13 Memory Café Email

Hello All !

Greetings from us as we continue to stay at home safe and healthy.

We have had some nice days for walking and, with all of the social distancing that includes, our eyes have been trained on the emerging spring. It is an encouraging reminder of the cycles of life that we all experience and a piece of normality in this extraordinary period in all of our lives. We thought this week we'd include some images and reflections on spring along with news of other activities to help us manage our days at home. Attached below is a poem from Robert Frost that speaks to the joys of Spring.

Guided Imagery:

Have you tried this? Guided Imagery is a way of slowly listening to a story that leads to a calming down and restfulness of the spirit. It works like this - one person slowly reads out the script while the others who are listening close their eyes and listen to what is being read. They imagine with their mind's eye what it is they are seeing as the script unfolds. The experience is different for each person but can provide a restful and gentle journey into imagination. Try it out!  The script is attached below.

Robert Frost Poem

Guided Imagery 1

Guided Imagery 2

Guided Imagery 3


April 17 Memory Café Email

Attached you will find more resources, activities and support for us in our role as care partners, care recipients, and those who work with families doing the mighty, loving, and sometimes lonely and challenging work of caring. This week we offer an incredible view into the world around us through  A link is attached below. We also have  some simple meditations that can help reduce the stresses of our lives and help support you all in the extraordinary work you do.  Attached, you will also find a mandala to print out and color in, and a crossword puzzle based on the Sound of Music. 

Sound of Music Crossword

Sound of Music Crossword Solution

Mandala 4

Here is a guide imagery for caregivers from AARP and a 

resource for simple apps you can use to build your own 

meditation practice.


AMAZING!! Watch webcams from all over the world that allow you into the worlds of eagles, puppies, oceans and the heavens.

April 27 Memory Café Email

Lately we have been thinking a lot about resilience, the capacity to recover from difficulties - to spring back into shape, as COVID-19 continues to keep us staying at home and shutting down our communities. Weall know that our daily lives before COVID-19 were filled with challenges, crises, and long periods of worry and uncertainty. Now this.


The other day while on a walk down to the lake we saw this tree. It is almost completely hollowed out from the inside with crumbly bits of the trunk laying at it's base. And yet! New branches are budding with new life from this once sturdy old tree - living somehow out of the deep-rootedness of it's long life. It seemed impossible; but there it was.


We have just been notified that the stay at home order has been extended another month to the end of May. How will we manage another month?  By recognizing our own resilience that we have demonstrated, some of us, for years now. Think of the gatherings at the Memory Cafes at the Levy Center, at the Evanston libraries. Remember the laughter, the hugs, smiles, silly dances, and quiet confidences that we have shared with each other? That's the face of OUR resilience!  


We will make through this time. We too, like that tree, keep on going and adapting.


But strong as we are we all need some outside help.  


Here are this week's offerings to help bring a smile by playing the attached April Categories game, get some good advice on dealing with caregiving during COVID-19, have an incredible visit to see marine life (the whale sounds are amazing) at the Pacific AquariumCatch up on yourShakespeare's King Lear from the Stratford on Avon Theatreor learn about the life of Henry David Thoreauduring this Earth Month of April.


Finally, consider sharing your own stories of living with dementia at"Words of Comfort." You will find some pretty amazing stories there.


We send you a breath of Spring.
Thoreau Handout.pdf

May 1 Memory Café Email

We are so happy to be writing to you on a sunny Friday afternoon after a pretty dreary week.  What a lot of rain we have had - but the flowers are certainly happy. We have attached a recent waterlogged photo of the park at Light House beach to demonstrate.


Thinking about the extension of the Stay at Home order, coupled with the lousy weather, our thoughts have gone to how we can stay healthy and strongwhen it's not so nice outside.  


Dr.Louise Aronson a professor of geriatrics at the University of California addressed the problem of inactivity among the elderly when we are unable to get out and get regular physical activity. She and other recently made recommendations for activities we could do in our own homes to keep ushealthy and keep up our strength and endurance while we are stuck at home.Here is the link to the article and some simple exercises we can all do to keep us moving and strong.

We are also attaching additional stay at home execise links.

After all - once we do get back together in person at the Memory Cafes we have to be in dancing shape to celebrate! 


To go with the new month of May, we have some new resourcesfor you, which we hope you will really enjoy.  

Thanks to North Shore Senior Center House of Welcome you are all invited to join their Virtual daily activities. Some of us have been participating in them and they are really fun. There will be THREE session a day, doing things like Music Therapy, Art Projects, Poetry of Spring, History of the Circus, Travel Discussions, Word Games, Creative Storytelling and lots more. These sessions are accessed through your computer and are totally free.

Activity sessions are Monday through Friday 

9:30 -10:30am

11:00am -12:00pm

1:00 - 2:00pm

Every Friday the 1pm session is a Memory Cafe.😍😍😍!!!

To participate simply email Grace Pelzer: and she will send you the activities list and the Zoom links. 

Well friends, that's it for this week. We leave you with the hope that you are all well, feeling connected with the time you have with family and friends, even though it may be just by phone, that you will reach out to us if you need something! Know that we are all together in the desire to be the best we can for ourselves and others as we weather the storm as one. We will be back with more news next week!

May 8 Memory Café Email

Earlier this week when we heard the news about COVID-19's continued growth in our area, we were not too happy. We felt somewhat deflated and frustrated by the likely need to keep on social distancing for a while longer.


It took not too much time though to realize that amid these strange times, there are ways to nurture ourselves and others in our daily rituals. Hence the photo of our favorite dish of all times - Linguine with Clam Sauce. It sure lifted our spirits to share a bowl of pasta with family the other night. Yum!!! 🍝


We find that, despite this Sheltering in Place, we are being nurtured daily. There are a multitude of acts of kindness and encouragement all around us. In walking through the neighborhoods, we encounter other small gifts popping up to support, encourage, and connect us during these hard times. Chalk art on  sidewalks, Whirligigs of motion and color, flowers send to brighten a day. 


One gift we received this week was the opportunity to watch a truly incredible film "Winged Migration." The beauty of the natural world opens up as you fly along with beautiful birds in all corners of the world. Here is a clip for you to check out. It is a meditative miracle!! 


Another encouraging gift comes from our friends at North Shore Senior Center's House of Welcome. Every Monday through Friday, three times per day, they offer programs via computer, with a Memory Cafe every Friday at 1pm. To find out more, simply email or call at or call847.242.6250.


Finally, enjoy another round of Mandalas for your entertainment.
Mandala 5 link
Mandala 6 link

Be of good spirit, stay warm in this ridiculous weather, and as a friend always says as we part, "TakeGOOD care"!


May 18 Memory Café Email

Hello Seniors Sheltering in Place!


For the past eight weeks we have been sending out a weekly newsletter of resources, updates, and activities to brighten the "sheltering in place" days for participants of the two Memory Cafes held here in Evanston. These cafes, held at the Levy Center and Evanston Public Library, are sponsored by the City of Evanston, CJE SeniorLife, Renewal Care, SASI, and the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness. But we have realized these newsletters have useful information and activities that can be shared more broadly to our community of older adults, and so we have expanded our focus. If this is the first time you are receiving this newsletter, we bid you welcome!! 


With all the rain we've been getting, some of us are getting stir crazy! 


Here is some beautiful music to listen to inspired by the world famous Cellist Yo Yo Ma.  These are the "Songs of Comfort" from musical artists across the world.  


Here is one from James Taylor


Here is one from The Silk Road Ensemble


Need help and can't find what you need? 

Announcing the Evanston Care Network. This newly-created database allows you to search for free and low-cost local services related to childcare, unemployment, job training, food, housing, and more. Go to  Assistance for using the database is available by calling 311 or 847-448-4311.  The information on the website is available in 100+ languages. 


Feeling stressed out??

EPL Social Worker, Christina Mendez, is available to provide support and help navigate services during this difficult time. She can be reached at 847-448-8659, Monday-Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. We encourage you to leave a message and she or another mental health provider will return your call.

Need to know the latest on COVID-19?

Information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on: Running Essential ErrandsTesting for COVID-19Stress and Coping

Here's an amazing new way for persons with Memory Loss to use the television

Zinnia TV ( a meaningful, engaging alternative to regular TV for people living with mid- to late-stage dementia. The project is inspired by and based on the firsthand experiences of the co-founder, Allyson Schrier, who became a care partner to her husband after he was diagnosed with dementia.


The organization recently released an early version of Zinnia TV in the hope of providing help to care partners during this difficult time and obtaining user feedback to improve the offering.


For more information or feedback please contact 

Bill Uniowski



And finally!!!!!

Four Baby Falcons

The four peregrine falcon eggs at the Library's nesting site all hatched between May 12 and May 14. The peregrine falcon is the world's fastest animal. Wish these young eyases good luck as they grow, and keep track of their progress at


Have a wonderful week! Let us know if you have questions or concerns and - Hang in There!

Your Friends at the Memory Cafes

May 18 Memory Café Email

󾓦  Memorial Day 󾓦 
As we join in spirit to honor and remember our fallen troops, Memorial Day offers us an opportunity to reflect on the power of memory. Memories are the gifts that tie us to our past, acknowledge our unique experiences, and reward us with their lessons. As we grow older, wiser, and become more seasoned, perhaps we can take this special time at home to share some of our "lessons learned" and connect in some special ways with our families and friends. The following article tells us some ways to write your own story.


You and every person on the Earth have an amazing story to tell – one that belongs to no one else. Your story matters, so why not find a way to preserve it – or at least part of it – when you have some downtime?

It’s an ideal way to connect generations and for seniors to share stories from their youth that may have never been told before. It’s also a way to remind adult children of their roots and hear personal stories that will connect them to historical events, which they can eventually pass down to their kids. A tangible collection of memories will also be deeply treasured after a senior has passed.

From old-fashioned person-to-person storytelling to keeping journals in more technologically savvy ways, here are some ideas for seniors to save and share their memories.

Write Your Story with a Memory Book

Writing your memories in a diary or notebook is a wonderful way to record your story. It also is a fun way to surprise your children or grandchildren with a treasured gift that will last much longer than a trendy gadget. To help you do this, you can find many memory books online that will guide you through the process by giving writing prompts. Here are some ones you can purchase online: Story of My Life: A Workbook for Preserving Your LegacyMemories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember and Family Memories: A guided questionnaire journal to preserve family history. Many of these books include sections for family trees, childhood memories, recipes and more.

Collect Photos of Your Legacy

A picture is worth a thousand words, so gathering and organizing photos are the best ways to preserve history and share memories. If your family has not gathered and organized a collection of family photos, there is no time like the present. Open up the dusty shoebox of photos and bring them back to life. From physical albums to scanning them online and making a hardcover photo book using a company such as Shutterfly, seniors have many options for storing and saving their photos. If you have any other documents, such as newspaper clippings, letters or diplomas you want to save, you can include those and keep them in a scrapbook. Also, don’t forget to take new family photos if you haven’t done it in a long time.

As you do this, it’s helpful to write little notes or dates next to the photos. If you aren’t sure about the exact date, just make your best guess. If a senior is struggling with Alzheimer’s, going through photos is also a way to help recall times and people from the past, which children or grandchildren can then write down for them.

Unveil Memories on Video

If a senior is comfortable being filmed, this is a great option for preserving not only memories but the voice and demeanor of the person on camera. This method will get children and grandchildren involved and is a special way to record stories. If you choose this method, follow these tips: 

  • Choose a camera or phone to record video, and get a tripod to help keep the camera stable.
  • Make sure the camera is charged up the night before to avoid technical difficulties.
  • Before you begin, make sure the lighting in the room is not causing any shadows or unwanted glare.
  • Do a test run to make sure the audio is being recorded. If necessary, purchase or rent a lavalier microphone for the video to best capture the sound.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask or talk about during the video. These can range anywhere from favorite childhood memories and first dates to life lessons.
  • If a senior is not comfortable being filmed, simply recording audio with the answers is another option.

Use Amazon to Self-Publish Memoirs

With Amazon’s self-publishing tools, seniors have a great outlet to share their stories with generations to come. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a free service that allows people to self-publish a book online. While the resulting book can only be purchased on Amazon, that’s not an issue if the sole purpose is to share stories with family and friends. So, if a senior has the time and willingness to share stories about their lives that can then be put into a book format, this is an ideal option. The resulting book can easily be copied for many people.

The ultimate goal is to ensure seniors share their stories with other generations so everyone can learn from each other.

Bored at home? Want some activities you can do right now?

Virtual group activities:🙋 

Attached to this email are TWELVE Virtual Group activities that are sponsored and delivered by staff from North Shore Senior Center's House of Welcome staff. Just contact staff at and join right in. These are all  being offered free as we stay in place in response to COVID-19.

📚Lifelong learning📚
Want to play games? Hone your computer skills? Talk about current events?  Study History?  
Register online and get access to like-minded people who are eager for engaging conversation.

🤔Free Puzzles🤔
Never realized how much ajigsaw puzzle can distract you from the "sameness" of day after day at home? Get a free new puzzle EVERY DAY right here.

Finally, as we wander about the neighborhood, we have been tickled by the creative ways people express themselves and offer some whimsy, beauty, and  quiet reflections in our shared outdoor space. We wanted to share them with you.

With gratitude for those who have served before us, for those helpers who are serving us all now, we wish you a healthy and safe Memorial Day.

💌Your Friends at the Senior Community Work Group

June 3 Memory Café Email
Greetings Friends,

We have been thinking about how we are all going to continue to care for our health and wellbeing as our communities ease COVID-19 restrictions.  We know that our population is at continued risk from the Coronavirus and that we will have to continue to practice social distancing for quite a while longer.  Therefore, we have been actively meeting, thinking, and planning for steps to keep ourselves engaged, supported, and entertained for the duration of our need to shelter-in-place.

Here's what we have so far: 

  • We are sending out this weekly newsletter with activities, links to online entertainment as well as important information and resources for seniors and their care partners.
  • We send out a weekly animated greeting cardcomplete with puzzle or game for those seniors who wish to receive them (If you are not getting the card but would like tojust respond to this email and we will add you to the list!).

Here is what is coming up next:

  • Starting June 19th, Evanston's public access TV channelwill begin airing entertainment and resources. Hour-long programs will air at 8am, Noon, and 5pm every Friday through the month of July. Please check your local listings for the channel; for many, it will be channel 6. 📺
  • We will be creating opportunities toplay Bingo onlinewith our virtual neighbors. Stay tuned for more information about this. 🙋
  • We are assemblingResource and Activity packetsfor English and Non-English speaking seniors. Packets will be available in print and electronic form. If you'd like a packet, please let us know by responding to this email or by calling 311.

This is just a start, but we need your feedback!


What otherActivities would you like to receive from us? 🎸🎉

What Resources and Information do you need or want?

How many of you understand how to use a computer or tablet but lack access to one and would be interested in a “Lending Library” for borrowing a device?

Your voices can help direct our work so that we are in the best position to support older adults and their care partners as we weather this storm together and stay safely, actively, and creatively at home.

Just respond to this email and provide us with your thoughts or ideas, or your name and phone number so a member of the Evanston Senior Working Group can call to discuss.

Let's start the party!

Do you like to hear family-friendly stories being read aloud?📖

World famous Julie Andrews, star of “Sound of Music” and “Mary Poppins” and many other films, has started a podcast called Julie's Library and she uses her beautiful voice and imagination to tell stories that are warm and engaging.

Want to keep your mind active with like-minded folks? 🤓

Lifelong Learning Class

Thank you to our friends at North Shore Senior Center for offering these opportunities at no cost to the public.

Claude Monet and the Story of Impressionism Monday, June 1 1 - 2 p.m.
Birding in our Local Forest Preserves
Wednesday, June 3 1 - 2:30 p.m. The First Trial of the Century: Evelyn Nesbit and the Murder of Sanford White Thursday, June 4 1 - 2:30 p.m.
Fun on Friday! Game Day Friday, June 5 1 - 2 p.m.
Elegant Indulgence: The History and Rituals of the Afternoon Tea Monday, June 8 1 - 2:30 p.m.
The Mysterious History of Secret Societies Tuesday, June 9 (3 sessions through June 23) 1 - 2:30 p.m.
Reading for a Summer Afternoon Book Discussion Wednesday, June 10 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Sam Sheppard: Murdering Husband or Innocent Victim? Thursday, June 11 1 - 2:30 p.m.
Fun on Friday! Word Games Friday, June 12 1 - 2 p.m.
Fabulous Fathers on Film Friday, June 12 1 - 2:30 p.m.
Fleetwood Mac: The Chain...Broken Monday, June 15 1 - 2:30 p.m.

NSSC thanks our corporate partners for sponsoring our June online Lifelong Learning classes.
Thank you:
Three Crowns Park, Mather Place, and The Auberge at Orchard Park  for your help
this month!
NEED Support?  Here are several Virtual Support Groups offered by NSSC

Hearing Loss Support Group

Every Monday

11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

To join this group, please contact Mary Blumer-Reed at or 224.304.0023.

Parkinson's Disease Support Group

(for people with Parkinson's and their family caregivers)

Every Wednesday

2 - 3:30 p.m.

To join this group, please contact Diane Behnke at or Heather Resnick at

Alzheimer's Family Support Group

Every Thursday

2:30 - 4 p.m.

To join this group, please call 847.242.6250 or email

Any additional information on other support groups will be promoted via

E-news and at

Finally, in our walks this week we saw yet again the beauty and connection brought to us by Mother Nature and some good-hearted souls. Reminders of our shared experience in this time of sheltering in place, and of our hopes for better days soon.

June 15 Memory Café Email

Hello, Dear Friends!
What a beautiful day we have today, to go along with our beautiful weekend! ☀🌞  In our walks around Evanston we have seen a bumper crop of baby bunnies, very fat robins and beautiful flowers. 

Such a nice antidote to those heavy rains we just had.

As we move through these difficult times, we want to remind you of the wonderful online activities offered three times a day by the House of Welcomeof the North Shore Senior Center. Just to give you an idea of the kinds of topics they cover, here are a few that were offered this past week:
  • Travel Discussion: Mexico 
  • Popular Culture: 1920s
  • Art Appreciation: David Hockney
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Relaxation
  • Musical Theater: Hello, Dolly! 
These and other activities are open to the public and are free, interactive, fun, informative, and a way to meet new people in a supportive environment. We love them!
To learn more, call 847.242.6250 or email

Are you a fan of travelling from the comfort of your own home?  💺🌎🏔🏕

Check out this new armchair travel series from the Family Caregiver Alliance attached below.

Tired of the same old games?  
Try a whole host of  options  from AARP 

Calling all Artists! 🖼🎨🙌

It has been a while since we offered Mandalas to color, and we just got a new crop.  Find two new ones attached below. People who color mandalas often experience a deep sense of calm and well-being. It's a simple tool that doesn't require any expertise, but it can be remarkably soothing and nourishing. Mandalas not only focus your attention but also allow you to express your creative side, which many of us neglect in our daily lives.

And finally, as we get into summer's bounty of corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes, and iced tea, here's an acrostic themed "Hamburger Toppings"  also attached below for your enjoyment.

As always we wish you a wonderful week.  Here is a little outdoor art work intended to lift all our spirits.
Mandala 7 Link
Mandala 8 Link
Hamburger Toppings 1 Link
Hamburger Toppings 2 Link
Travel Series Link